iWeb Help

Like all the applications on a Mac, iWeb includes a built in help feature to guide you through the various questions you may have. To access the iWeb Help function open iWeb and then select Help from the menu bar and then iWeb Help from the drop down.

iWeb Help.png

The iWeb Help window will open and allow you to browse through a number of different instructions on how to get the most out of iWeb. These include creating websites, blogs, podcasts, and more.

iWeb Help guides also include instructions on how to add photos, movies, sound, and other web elements to get the most out of your iWeb experience. The help section will also give you guidance on how to utilize iWeb Templates to add the personal touch you have been looking for with each and every website you make in iWeb.

iWeb Help on Maciverse

In Addition to the help that you can access from the built in program for iWeb, you can find considerable amounts of informative iWeb help here on Maciverse.com

Feel free to browse the iWeb tag on the menu bar or search “iWeb” via the search box to find out more about utilizing iWeb. Below are a list of a few tutorials and instructions made available to individuals looking to get more out of iWeb.

Make an iWeb Blog iPhone Friendly – This tutorial provides instruction on how to take any iWeb blog and convert it to an iPhone friendly format. This is great for individuals hoping to stay on the cutting edge of iWeb features and want to allow mobile browsers quick and easy access to their content.

How To: Import your iWeb Blog to WordPress – If you’ve done everything you can with your iWeb blog and are still looking for more features, it may be time to make the move to a fully functional blogging platform, WordPress.

Create an Movie Section in iWeb – iMovie makes it easy to add photo libraries to your websites. Adding Movie Libraries are just as easy.

Add Google Gadgets to iWeb – Add additional functionality, games, and more through the inclusion of google gadgets on your website.

Additional tutorials and guides to offer you iWeb Help can be found throughout the site. Be sure to browse through the various iWeb articles and recommended sites here on Maciverse.com, you source for Mac Help.