iWeb Hosting

Apple’s iLife software suite includes the application iWeb, to allow Mac owners the opportunity of create, host, and developing content for their own websites. The application includes drag and drop functionality for displaying photo albums, movies, and blogs to owners interested in sharing their life and thoughts with the world and do so without a lot of coding knowledge.

iWeb includes iWeb Templates that allow users to select the look and feel of the site. After adding content but before making a site developed in iWeb available to the world, individuals must find iWeb Hosting to connect their creations to the internet.

iWeb Hosting

Each and every website available through your web browser is displayed from a web server. Website hosting provides individuals with easy access to share the websites created in iWeb to the world. There are a number of different options available for hosting your iWeb website.

1. MobileMe – Apple includes in their MobileMe service package website hosting that works great with iWeb. Their iWeb Hosting package is the only ‘out of the box’ hosting provider that includes comment capabilities on the iWeb blogs. However, we’ve mentioned a number of different ways that will allow you to add forms in iWeb and receive feedback from users through your website. MobileMe is a great option for individuals looking for quick and easy service for their iweb hosting.

2. Additionally, iWeb works with any provided website hosting package available. You can select from a webhosting company that provides you FTP access and the ability to upload files. iWeb includes a user interface that will allow you to connect via FTP to your website hosting provider and upload or publish the latest updates of your iWeb site. This is a powerful option for individuals that are looking to start into websites but feel that they’ll move to more modern technology in the future.

I would highly recommend this option for hosting your iWeb site as it allows you additional features, capabilities, and functionality as your website grows. I use Host Gator as the provider for almost all my websites. There are a number of reasons to use Host Gator and they include:

  • Host Gator is simple to use and easy to setup, especially with iWeb
  • You can have your iWeb site up and displayed to the world minutes after purchasing a hosting plan. You won’t need to wait around for hours or days to relay on someone to help get your site up on the internet
  • You can easily purchase a custom domain (www.example.com) that fits your site perfectly
  • If you do need any assistance Host Gator provides great customer service and support so you won’t have to spend significant time struggling with your website. iWeb was designed to make creating websites easy. Host Gator makes displaying those sites to the world quick and easy
  • Host Gator provides unlimited space and bandwidth so that as you utilize iWeb SEO services your site will easily grow and handle large traffic volumes at no extra cost to you

If you want your iWeb site hosted by a top provider that can be up in minutes than check out Host Gator. Host Gator also offers pricing packages for websites that are even lower than a MobileMe account so you’ll be able to setup a site and save money in the process. Signing up is quick and easy!

If you’re new to iWeb and you’re ready for your iWeb Hosting provider, look into each of the options listed above to find out what will serve you and your needs best. You may be comfortable with Apple’s MobileMe service, but think about the advantages of using Host Gator or other third party providers. Third parties that provide hosting may be the best option for you as it won’t limit your future growth.

Already got an iWeb Hosting provider? Let us know who you use and how its worked for you.