iWeb SEO

For all new website developers, getting as many people as possible to view your website is a top priority. The reason most websites are made is to allow people with similar interest to find what you have to offer. Apple’s iWeb software allows you to quickly create websites and share your thoughts, vision, and skills to the world but iWeb based websites by default are not very Search Engine Friendly. To increase the amount of traffic and to make it easy for visitors to find your site you’ll need to make sure that Search Engines like Google and Yahoo know how to read your content and can tell what your site is about.

It is important that your web pages contain the keywords that are important to your topic. This includes the title on your pages, the links to your page and the image file names that are found in the website.

iWeb SEO

iWeb itself does not let you access the HTML directly on your iWeb site, which makes it difficult to make modifications that will Search Engine Optimize your iWeb Site but there are other iWeb SEO tools and video available to help you do so.

To start, I would recommend this video instruction on iWeb Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It will provide you with the needed steps to SEO your iWeb site. I’ve personally put a lot of effort into following SEO techniques here on Maciverse and have seen our website traffic increase from just a few handful of people a day toover 3,000 daily visitors.


Another way to leverage SEO and increase your rankings in Google’s search results is to include a sitemap submit it to Google Webmaster Tools.

In constructing your site, may it be for business or personal usage, make sure that its content is something that is significant and helpful that other people like bloggers, association websites or web directories might want to have themselves linked to. Having website links connected to yours with the linking anchor text matching the keywords you want to return for in search results is called back-linking and is one of the most important aspects of SEO. This applies to iWeb sites also, so remember that more links to your site not only adds more doors for people to pass through to find your content but it also increases your rankings in the various Search Engines.

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An SEO Optimized iWeb site can rank highly in search engine results. Its important that you follow the instructions of the linked video above and remember to get as many high quality links back to your site as possible. Good luck with your iWeb site and feel free to share it in the comments with us.