iWeb Tutorial

Did you want to make a website on your own but hesitated when you realized it was too complex? Well, you’re not the only one cause I was once in your shoes as well. I was so excited to make a website for my small business, however, just thinking about all the technical things I had to do and master, I felt like giving up. I didn’t think it would be possible but with the help of my Mac and some software from Apple I overcame the difficulties. For those who are interested to know how to build a website in few, easy steps, then, you are in the right place. Below is an initial iWeb tutorial with some quick tips and insights.

Building a Website with iWeb will make things easier. You can build your sites with themes and themes available in iWeb and customize it by adding texts, photos, widgets and movies! And now, updating your friends and family with the latest links and changes on your website could not be done easier, since iWeb connects with your Facebook.

Building an iWeb site – an iWeb Tutorial

iWeb is easy to use; once you open iWeb, you’ll be asked with what template you want to use. Now is the time to let your creative imagination out and think about how you want your website to look. If you have a picture of it in your mind, you choose the one templates available that is closest to it. You don’t need to worry because you can always customize it later if there are any changes.

iWeb Tutorial.png

If you have already clicked on the template you like, you will now see a web page with text and pictures. You can start by editing the text and replace the pictures. You can replace the pictures by clicking on the Media on the toolbar.

If you want to choose pictures that are in your iPhoto, you may simply drag the picture and replace the default picture. I know some of you want to make your webpage unique in some way; there are also other options you may choose from. If you want to insert pictures, videos, or texts, you may also do that by clicking on the Insert Menu. You may click on the Choose button that is found at the bottom that can resize pictures and add effects.

The inspector window that is found on the bottom bar can also help you with some other webpage options and also advanced photo edits. There are tabs that are found on the top of the window where you have other options such as editing your text style, adding shadows and reflections to your image.

iWeb Inspector.png

You can also adjust your pictures by clicking on the adjust button. It’s like editing in iPhoto; you can adjust the brightness, saturation, contrast, exposure and noise.

iWeb is a very useful program for those who wants to keep things simple. It is very easy to use. You can build a website by just clicking, dragging, and dropping. No need for those codes that can complicate things. You should explore other options that can help on adding uniqueness in your website. All you need is a Mac and iWeb and you’re ready to make your own website. I hope this article has been helpful for you, have fun!