Kindle’s E-ink + iPhone’s Retina Display = awesomeness

I never thought I’d like a Kindle. Back before I won my Kindle from Shwaag in early 2010, I had an iPhone and a MacBook Pro to read digital content and a nice bookshelf to store all my books. I didn’t like reading long-form content on any kind of digital device, and even my iPad wasn’t very enjoyable.

But then I saw the Kindle’s screen. The e-ink technology, which is touted as being as easy on your eyes as regular text in a normal book, is absolutely fantastic. It’s very enjoyable to read and works great in the sun. I also realized that I could save a bit of money by buying Kindle books instead of the more expensive hardcover versions.

Fast forward nearly a year and I’m not reading as much on the Kindle as I thought I would. It’s partly because Katie always has it, but more so because I just don’t like carrying an extra device around. My Kindle app on my iPhone works great for being able to read a few pages while waiting in line and the Mac app allows me to easily share quotes.

The screen still isn’t great for my eyes, however. The backlit technology just plain hurts after more than a few minutes of constantly staring and having to look away every few minutes really breaks up the flow of reading for me.

But e-ink may be coming to the next iPhone. Holy awesomeness, Batman! My biggest issue with the iPhone’s screen may very well be solved in the next iPhone iteration, allowing me to lug around one less gadget without sacrificing a ton of reading ability.

While I’m skeptical as to how they’re going to pull this off (you know it sounds like some serious magic), there’s no chance of me NOT buying an iPhone 5 immediately when it comes out, if only to have the ability to easily read all the cool books I want on my fancy space phone that’s also a digital communicator and above-average e-reader.

Wonder if Droid does that.