Launch Windows Applications from Spotlight

CFCED032-3AAD-4C27-A9A1-794EED022FB8.jpgNow that we’ve explained how to setup Windows to run on OS X in its own Space by using Parallels its time we explain the quickest and easiest way to launch your Windows applications when you’re working in OS X.

Once you have Windows installed using a Parallels Virtual Machine and you’ve launched some of your Windows’ applications getting back to them from OS X is as easy as searching in Spotlight.

For example, say you’d like to open Microsoft Word 2003 to create a new document based on the news article you just read in Safari.

Instead of switching to your Windows Space and launching Word 2003 from the Start menu you can pull up Spotlight with its keyboard shortcut (command + spacebar), type in Word, select Word 2003 from the populated list and hit enter.


Your screen will automatically move to the correct Space and spotlight will open up your Windows application.

NOTE: You must have previously opened the Windows Application for Safari to have it indexed.