Let The Games Begin!

Apple - iPhone - Buy iPhone 3G.pngOne of the biggest disadvantages that Apple computers has is its less than stellar game catalog. While it is true that many of the best games eventually make their way to the Mac platform, it is usually months if not years after most gamers originally had interest in the title.

The lack of gaming options on Apple computers has been reason enough for many potential buyers to stick with their PCs. Intel Based Macs combined with Boot Camp has allowed for many gamers to get their fix of entertainment by running Windows as a second OS but plenty of gamers still prefer to just manage one Operating System.

Although Apple hasn’t announced anything recently that suggests they’ll start bringing popular games to the Mac at release, they seem to be approaching mobile games with a much more aggressive plan.

Mobile Gaming with the iPhone & iPod Touch

The iPhone and iPod Touch have become the gaming focus for Apple. They recently updated the iPod Touch to include an external speaker and volume controls. This hardware adjustment appears to be specifically for games and other entertainment medias. It allows users to enjoy the experience without a headset and prompts the interest of others sitting by watching the Apple Gamers enjoy their product.

Apple - iPod touch.png

Apple is marketing their latest iPod Touch as “The Funnest iPod Ever” and the iPhone/iPod Touch application category with the most apps is Games.

Its clear that Apple is starting to understand the value of games. Many believe that with the hardware volume of sales that Apple has with the iPhone and iPod Touch that they soon will be a strong competitor to Nintendo and Sony in the Mobile Gaming market.

Game Prices

One great aspect of the mobile games for the iPhone is their price point. Often, the most popular titles on the platform cost only $9.99. Lets hope that price sticks if the device does become a true competitor in the Mobile Gaming market. Games for the DS and Sony PSP are priced considerably higher.

I believe that part of the reason that games are being priced as low as they are for the iPhone is that many developers are offering their games for Free. This automatically makes higher priced games seem, well, that much more expensive. Also, the ability for users to purchase their games anywhere, while on the go, may help bring the price down. If you’re targeting “spontaneous” purchases it often helps for the prices to be as low as possible. This helps eliminate consumers questioning the purchase because of price.

Game Reviews

As Apple continues to push into the Mobile Gaming market and more and more games are developed for their mobile platform people will want to know more about what games they should try out next. We here at Maciverse will be writing reviews of the iPhone & iPod Touch games we play. Be sure to check back here often to get the latest game and application reviews as well as information on other Mobile Apps for the iPhone & iPod Touch.

Lets hope that Apple sees the benefit of games on the iPhone and iPod Touch and starts to push for more game development for the Mac.

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