Let Your Ipod Teach You Spanish!

Many people purchase the iPod with the thought of how wonderful it will be to have literally thousands of songs in their pocket. What they often over look is all of the other features that are available to them with their iPod. Podcasts are a great source of entertaining and educational media that can help you keep up on news, your hobbies, and even complete your goals… like Learning a New Language.

To start learning a new language for free on your iPod follow these steps:

  1. Open iTunes
  2. Select the iTunes Store
  3. Select Podcasts
  4. Select Education under Categories
  5. And then select the podcast that is teaching the language you’re interested in

Subscribe to the first lesson, sync them up with your iPod and then go through each and every one as you work your way to being a fluent speaker in your new language.

Podcasts on iTunes include lessons on how to speak Spanish, Japanese, French, English, Italian, and more. And remember most if not all these podcasts are FREE.