Link to iTunes Media on Your Website

01C3DB0A-2DA6-40D8-9E12-D3A9EC135E82.jpg Over the past few years iTunes has emerged as the leading point of sales for music both on and off the internet. The media selection in iTunes is always growing and including more and more ‘new’ types of media like podcasts.

There may be times where you’d like to point visitors to your website to some interesting content included in iTunes but you haven’t been sure exactly how to point to the specific location in the iTunes store.

Thankfully, Apple has provided a tool to help us add links to the content in the iTunes store we’re interested in sharing.

If you navigate to the iTunes Music Store Link Maker you can search the iTunes store for the exact content you’d like to link to on your site. Take the search results and click on the arrow next to the content you’d like to link to. Get the link code and add it to your site to point your site visitors to the media you’d like to them to check out.

For example, I love listening to podcasts! A podcast that is new to me is MacCast. If you like keeping up with news related to Apple products then check out this podcast. To help you find the podcastI’ve gone to the iTunes Music Store Link Maker, searched for MacCast, grabbed the code, and included it here: Adam Christianson (Mac Geek) - MacCast (Enhanced) - For Mac Geeks, by Mac Geeks