Listen to Local Radio Stations on Your iPhone

One of the many critiques of the iPhone is the fact that it lacked a radio tuner and the ability to listen to local radio stations. Before you could only access radio signals with an iPhone Dock with radio.

All that has changed with the iHeartRadio application. iHearRadio is a free app that allows users to connect to live streams of radio stations and listen to them on their iPhone.

Listen to Local Stations

To Listen to your local radio stations on your iPhone, download and launch the iHeartRadio application.

Once open, iHeartRadio will ask you if it can use your GPS location to populate a list of local radio stations you can choose to listen too.


After allowing your iPhone to find your current location, a list of available stations will appear. Select one to start listening to the live stream.


If you like the song that is currently being played (and the station you’re listening to supports it) you can “tag” the song to download from iTunes later.


If you have a solid 3G signal, or you’re using a wifi connection, you should hear decent quality radio start streaming through your iPhone.

Listen to Radio From Across the Country

In addition to local stations, iHeartRadio allows you to “shake” and select stations from cities across the country. This is an excellent solution for individuals that have recently moved and the new locations local broadcasts just aren’t filling your musical needs.


Overall, iHeartRadio is a solid solution to the lack of Radio options on the iPhone. Take advantage of it now and listen to the broadcasts you’ve been missing out on.