Love Notes – App Review

I’m not the best at Valentines Day, let alone romance. I’ve never really understood why a bunch of card companies can create a holiday that’s main goal is to get people to buy their products and that we all fall for it each year. To me, love is a lot more than a card, candy or flower that you give to someone special to you once a year. Love is feelings and sacrifice. And that’s why for this February, instead of focusing on great gifts that you may purchase from Apple for your Valentine, I wanted to focus on an App that focuses solely on how others have described love. And it turns out that there is “an app for that”.

Love Quotes is a free app that lets iPhone owners quickly and easily access access a large list of quotes related to love. The app has a nice user interface and is easy to use. It’s not a complicated app but lets you quickly access love quotes shared by people for different topics and categories that include:

  • Kisses
  • Love
  • Marriage
  • Wedding
  • Divorce
  • Breakup

In addition to putting these love notes into categories, the app also lets you search for phrases related to love that you may have come across previously, or remember reading on the app.  You can quickly tag your favorite notes and access them later.

Love Notes App Review - iPhone


One of the other main features is that you can provide feedback on if you like or dislike a love quote.    Overall, the app is very simple but it does what it was designed to do well.  It elegantly presents users with information about love.

If you’re struggling to get into the romantic feeling this Valentines Day, then you may want to check out this App.  It may even provide you with some thoughts about love that you can share with your Valentine.

What do you think about Valentines Day?  Are you buying into the hype and getting special gifts for your special person?