Mac Bundles

Over the past few weeks a number of software bundles for the Mac have been announced that brings a significant number of Mac applications to users at incredible prices. Of course, the deals become much more incredible once a certain number of people have purchased the bundle and thus unlock the best apps included.

MacUpdate recently announced their “Parallels Promotion” which includes a number of applications that make creating word art, writing that book you’ve always dreamed of authoring, and keeping backup copies of your DVDs quick and easy.

A solid deal as once all applications are unlocked purchasers will receive $469 worth of software for just $69. If a large number of people purchase the bundle additional software including Parallels virtualization machines that allow you to run Windows on your Mac will be part of the bundle.

Additionally, after recent success on previous bundles, Macheist has announced a new bundle for $49. This includes some software from previous bundles as well as ways to make managing your clipboard easier and providing a solid writing environment for all the would be authors.

But, if you’re not sure you’d like to put down any money for some of these software options… There is plenty of powerful free software available. recently described a number of free alternatives to the available software included in bundles. Check out some of their suggested apps and let us know how they work.