Having Fun with Photo Booth

By Dan Hinckley

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It has already been a few years since Apple first announced the somewhat of a gimmick application, Photo Booth for Macs. Macs come fully equipped with everything you need for a fully feature Photo Booth as it has a screen that can brighten for a Flash effect, a built in camera, and is often located in a comfortable setting where you can smile and pose for a picture. And while it is true that all these features are now available on most computers and would make it easy to create a photo booth for Windows application, such an application doesn’t exist with Microsoft’s latest operating systems.

The Photo Booth software functionality is not limited to Apple Computers but the software is impressive, especially with the number of different Photo Booth Effects available to add to the application. Using Photo Booth is also very easy.

Mac Photo Booth

Using Photo Both on your Mac

If you are already a Mac user, then this should be quite easy for you. Just click and open Photo Booth from the application folder. Next press on the camera button that is at the center of the application to take a Photo Booth Picture. After pressing the camera, you will automatically see a count down that is not just letting you know when the photo will be taken but also to give you time to get into the pose you want. When the countdown ends, you will see a flash on the whole screen and and your photo will be taken. The white flash is similar to a camera flashing, but then unlike in cameras Photo Booth on OS X does not let you remove the flash. When your photo is taken, it will go to the film reel that is located under the image capture window.

Of course, taking pictures with Photo Booth is easy. But adding effects to them it is the fun part. You can choose from any of the two effects button that offers to have your pictures in Sepia, Comic book or Thermal Camera. Other effects include Bulge, Light Tunnel, Twirl and additional effects that you will enjoyl. If you want to do away with the effects, you can simply click Normal that is in between the two buttons to go back to your original picture settings.

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