Macbook Air: First Impressions

Although we mentioned all the articles that reviewed the Macbook Air shortly after its original release date, the amazing design was too much for us to pass up and we had to get our hands on one our-self.

After securing the funds in our budget, we ventured out and picked up our own version of the $1799 Macbook Air


When the store clerk brought me the Macbook Air box I was amazed. I had grown so accustom to larger boxes for notebook computers that it didn’t hit me that the Air really does fit into a manila envelope…

Like all Apple products, the box was well organized and everything included with the Macbook Air fit in nice and securely.After pulling the notebook out of the box I compared its size to my wife’s cell phone.

At its thinnest point, the Macbook Air is actually thinner than the Samsung cell phone. Despite all this, the Air still includes a full keyboard and 13inch monitor.

Well done Apple engineers!


After powering up the laptop I started moving through the setup process that comes with all new macs. I decided that I wanted to try out the migration assistant and see how the system would work over the network.

After linking the Macbook Air to my iMac I realized that doing this with a wireless connection wasn’t a usable approach.

It took almost an hour for the system to just calculate how big everything was going to be for me to move my iMac settings to my Macbook Air.

When it finally calculated this it showed me it would take at least 6 hours just to move over all my applications. It would take me less time to download the same applications from the Internet and install them again.

The complete migration was registering at almost 14 hours. I didn’t want to let the new notebook sit around and wait to get my hands on the system.

The rest of the setup process was quick and simple. My first few touches with the Macbook Air have been great. I’m still amazed that the notebook is really this thin and this light.

I’ll follow up with some additional details about the Macbook Air’s performance and functionality in future posts.

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