Macbook Air Passes Airport Security

Recently, Airport Security (TSA) announced on their blog that they’ve reviewed the Macbook Air and is now comfortable with seeing the Apple notebook come through security.

After reports of a few individuals missing flights because of security hassles with new new thin Notebook without a CD/DVD drive, TSA send out notification and descriptions of the Macbook Air to its personal so that such problems wouldn’t occur in the future.

Well, Last night I had a flight to catch and originally debated on whether or not to bring the Macbook Air with me. But I had plenty of time to get through security so I figured it couldn’t hurt to bring it along.

Like usual, the security line was long, but I was able to move through the security check and slid the Macbook Air through the x-ray imagery.

At first I thought I was in trouble and would have to deal with some long security questions about my computer as a TSA officer approached me while I reached for my bag. He grabbed the back in front of mine, looked at me and said “IS THIS YOURS!?!?”

I was greatful that the bag wasn’t mine. I explained it wasn’t and the real owner stepped forward. I grabbed my Macbook Air and put it into my briefcase. I had a smile on my face as the security officer started questioning the intentions of bag owner’s use of a flash light on an air plane.

While the TSA officers have been instructed to ignore the Macbook Air as a security check, they’re still worried about flashlights.