Macbook Air Reviews Here, There, Everywhere

As the first Macbook Air’s started making their way to early purchasers the reviews around the internet seem to be popping up. After reviewing most of them it becomes clear that the Macbook is what most people expected it to be after the announcement at Macworld 2008.


The notebook is thin. Extremely thin! Everyone seems impressed with the engineering behind the Macbook Air and Ars Technica provides visual evidence of how thin the Macbook Air is when compared to other Apple Notebooks. With its thinest parts being .16 of an inch the Thin is even described as an impressive iPod:

“One way to look at the MacBook Air is as the largest and most capable iPod in Apple’s line—think of it as an iPod touch Extreme with a built-in keyboard.”- Jacqui Cheng Ars Technica

I personally love my iPod touch, and can imagine how much I’d enjoy having the Macbook Air as a travel companion.


Again, early assumptions were accurate and the lack of multiple USB ports, Firewire, and most other communication points may be a breaking point for many people. Engadget points out that the USB port is even more limiting than originally expected as many external USB devices won’t fit into the space available to insert your USB cable.

While converting cables or extension cables will provide you with a way to hook up your USB devices, it is a bit disappointing that a few extra dollars will need to be spent to get some hardware to work.


Other issues the reviews have with the Macbook Air include a less than expected battery life, difficulty migrating from other Macs without Firewire, and slower speed than other Notebooks. These are all issues for anyone looking to use this as their main computer but something that may be looked over if you’re planning on using it more as a mobile computing device. This fits into line with most reviews conclusions.

Macbook AIR FOR YOU?

Gizmodo explains that the Macbook Air would fit into your life as “secondary” computer, but that role shouldn’t be underestimated.

“It’ll never be my primary, that’s obvious. And while I usually use my old machines as secondaries, I find myself every day more and more unable to resist buying one of these first, and figuring out where it fits into my life second.” – BRIAN LAM GIZMODO

The Macbook Air may be the perfect device to push us towards a complete mobile computing market. With its thin form factor and light weight it is a perfect fit for a secondary computer for quick and simple computing tasks. So if you’re looking for just such a device and its lack of ports and battery options don’t bother you, this may be the perfect notebook.