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By Dan Hinckley

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Since Maciverse was founded, we’ve done our best to provide new and interesting insights on how to get the most out of your Apple Products. We hope that our hints, tips, reviews, and news are beneficial to you, our readers.

The number of visitors to increases each month and we’d like to offer a bit more to our readers. We know that we don’t have all the answers to getting the most out of your Macs, AppleTv, iPhones, and iPods and hope that you, our readers, will be able to help all Apple users with their devices.

With that in mind, we’d like to announce the Maciverse Forums. The Maciverse Forums are structured to allow anyone to come and ask questions, give answers, and provide help for other Apple users. Additionally, we have seen from your comments that you often need unique solutions to the tasks you’re trying to complete. Maciverse Forums is the place to go ask for help and receive guidence from Dan, Aaron, and the rest of the Maciverse community. The forums can be accessed from the Forums link above.

So head over to the Maciverse forums, create an account, and let us get to know you. We hope that the forums will allow us all to help each other.

About Dan Hinckley
Dan Hinckley is an experienced Mac user who converted to Apple products when they introduced them on Intel Processors. He loves helping others get more out of their devices! Subscribe to to get the latest from Dan and the Maciverse Team!! Find out more about Dan:

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