Maciverse Welcomes New Team Members

2010 has been very kind to Maciverse and in return we’d like to provide our readers with more, new, and interesting content. To help us along the way we have brought on two new authors that will be providing new and interesting Mac Help guides, tutorials, news, and interesting information. We’re glad to have Jessica and Yi. Check out their bios below and check back often to find out what interesting Apple tips they have to offer.

Welcome Jessica

Jessica Drew has worked as a successful freelance writer for six years and holds a BA in English from the University of Florida. She has written for multiple online and print trade publications and several of her point of interest articles have been syndicated and published by national news media sites. Her writing focuses on tech related products, tutorials, news and events, with a special concentration on everything that is Apple, Inc. She is the proud owner of a 15 inch unibody MacBook, an iPod shuffle, an iPod Touch and an iPhone.

Welcome Yi

Yi is a freelance writer, editor and marketer who grew up in Australia. Described as a gadget fanatic and is often seen with an iPhone in one hand and a Canon 50D in the other. Spends most of her free time going through her never-ending RSS feeds. Besides the geeky tech stuff, Yi also enjoys traveling, collecting sneakers, admiring t-shirts and trying to fit in some tennis into her busy schedule. Her Apple products include a Macbook, iPhone, iPod and hopfully an iPad soon (If they ever stop selling out).

Please welcome the new Maciverse team members with me!