Mail: Gmail like Conversation View

Since Google released Gmail one of its most popular features is its Conversation View. Google built their mail system around the idea that individuals are carrying on a conversation through their emails and that those conversations are weakened when spread throughout an inbox.

To account for that problem, Google built gmail with technology that would automatically link conversations over email together. When someone replies to your email the response is automatically connected to other emails that you’ve received from the individual on the current topic in the email.

I know that I personally was a bit frustrated at first when I started to use Mail with my Gmail account because I lost the “conversation” features. I didn’t want to have to sort through my email to find the other emails in a conversation. Luckily for me, Mail also included a Conversation View, I just hadn’t enabled it yet.

To view your emails in a conversation similar to the way you do with Gmail:

  1. Open Mail and View
  2. Select Organize by Thread

After filtering your email by threads, you’ll notice some additional detail and option in your inbox. Blue arrows will let you expand and collapse emails to see all the others that make up the email conversation or, as Apple has titled it in Mail, the email thread.

Inbox — Gmail 2 (3155 messages, 37 unread).png

Hopefully this quick tip will allow you to optimize your Mail experience. What other features about Mail make it a powerful email client?