Make your iWeb Blog iPhone Ready

Since the release of the iPhone 3G more and more people are browsing the web in the iPhone Ready version of Safari. It is true that Safari on the iPhone is capable of rendering full web pages but that doesn’t mean that you want your readers to have to wait for your content to load. Luckily, it is quick and easy to take your iWeb Blog and make it iPhone Ready allowing your readers to keep up on your articles while on the go.

To create an iPhone ready “site” of your iWeb blog you’ll need to download the latest version of Dashcode. This can be achieved by installing the free iPhone SDK. Once you’ve installed Dashcode via the free iPhone SDK you’ll be ready to start your iPhone ready iWeb blog creation.

To create an iWeb Blog site for the iPhone:

  1. Open Dashcode and select a Web Application Template for RSS
  2. Dashcode.png

  3. Change the Title of the RSS Feed by clicking on the default entry and allow it to match your sites title
  4. Select Application Attributes
  5. Untitled.png

  6. Under Properties, enter the Feed URL of your iWeb RSS feed. You can find this by clicking the RSS feed link on your iWeb site.
  7. Untitled-1.png

  8. Verify that the feed is being pulled correctly by clicking the Run button at the top of Dashcode – This will launch an iPhone Simulator and display your site as it would be viewed on an iPhone. If your feed is working correctly, you’ll see your latest posts displayed in the Simulator
  9. iPhone Simulator.png

  10. Close the Simulator and return to Dashcode. You can Set your Home Screen Icon (the image that would display on an iPhone Home Screen) or save the site to your Hard Disk. Click Share and then Save to Disk, select the location you’d like to save your iWeb Blog that is now iPhone Ready
  11. Upload the folder that you just created in Dashcode to your web server and save it to within your iWeb folder.

Your site should now be ready for iPhone users to view. Create a link to the folder you just created on your web server on your iWeb Page and let your readers know that they can follow you quickly and easily on their iPhones.

Here is a final product of our test iWeb Blog that is now iPhone Ready.