Make Your Windows Maximize to Full Screen

If you’ve used Windows often or if you recently switched to Apple and OSX then you must have already noticed that the green plus button on all application windows don’t function like you may have expected.

But now you can make your windows expand to fill the full screen when you click the green plus button on all windows.


To make your windows maximize to full screen when you press the green plus button in a window you’ll need to download RightZoom.

RightZoom is a small application that runs in the OSX background and changes the behavior of the green plus button to one Windows uses are familiar with.

With the application installed and running, anytime a window green plus button is clicked the window will expand to fit the entire screen.

If you’d like this feature to be on all the time, set it as a start up application by navigating to System Preferences >> Accounts >> Login Items >> and then be sure to drag and drop the RightZoom application to the Login Item list. This will start the app anytime OSX boots up.

For more details on RightZoom head over to SwitchingToMac.