March Madness on your Mac

March Madness for Mac users has improved year over year.  In previous years, the only way to watch the streaming NCAA games was to do so through Joost. But fortunately this year CBS has modified their web based technology to allow Mac users to watch the games through their web browsers (Both Safari and Firefox).


To watch NCAA March Madness 2011 on your Mac, head over to the NCAA Page for March Madness and click the Launch Player button.

The new silverlight player will launch and allow Mac users to select the game they’re most interested in watching. Click Play under the game to start the streaming to your computer. Depending on the speed of your internet connection, the games will even be available in HD.


2011 should be an interesting year for March Madness and the NCAA tournament as any team has the chance to put together a string of victories and find themselves cutting down the net. If you’re at work and looking to watch the NCAA tournament on your computer, then you’ll be able to catch every game, no matter if you’re watching on a PC or a Mac. March Madness on a Mac will be like watching from your living room.

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