Microsoft & Macs

One of the most interesting scenes in the infamous TV movie “Pirates of Silicone Valley” is Steve Jobs sharing the news that Microsoft and Bill Gates was committing to continue developing Microsoft products for Macs during Apple’s most dire days.  After being exiled from his company while competing with Bill Gates and Microsoft, Steve Jobs returns years later to Apple and one of the first initiatives he announced was that he’d be working with Microsoft to ensure their software line on Apple devices.   The deal from both Steve and Bill was surprising but ended up benefiting both organizations.


It can be hard to remember that there was a time when very few companies created and supported software on Apple products.  Microsoft’s commitment to Apple helped buy Steve Jobs time to create new Macs, the iPod, iPhone and completely turn around the company that was struggling when he returned as CEO.

Today, Microsoft products are readily available on most Apple devices.  The office suite is a core productivity tool for most MacBook Pro owners and Microsoft even create a mobile lineup of office apps for iPhone and iPad owners.  This commitment has helped drive increased productivity across all industries as individuals are able to utilize files on different platforms.  Organizations that once had firm requirements for hardware and operating systems now let users pick devices they feel most productive with.

In fact, with advancements on the web, many of Microsoft’s more powerful tools can be accessed and utilized on Apple Computers, iPhones, and iPads.  For example, Microsoft’s Power BI consulting includes iOS apps.  Additionally, there are organizations that provide Power BI Consulting services that can help with optimization and utilization of the platform on different devices, including Apple’s product line.

While history often repeats itself, I’d be surprised to see a day when Microsoft didn’t support Apple’s product lines in the future.