These Are the Most Popular Cryptocurrencies in the U.S. — and No, It’s Not Bitcoin



Have you ever wondered what cryptocurrencies are out there, but don’t know where to start looking? Well, you’re in luck! Jira Align recently published a study that analyzes the most popular cryptocurrencies in each state and city in the United States. If you aren’t sure which cryptocurrencies exist or which you should choose, this is a great resource to use to see which currency is most popular in your area.

According to the study, eight cities searched for Ethereum Classic, making it the most searched-for cryptocurrency in the United States. After Ethereum Classic, Litecoin and TRON are tied with six cities each searching for them. Dash and Siacoin were next, with four and three cities searching for them the most respectively.

When it comes to the five largest cities in the United States, there is somewhat of a mix of most popular cryptocurrencies. In New York City and in Chicago, Litecoin was the most popular. In Los Angeles and Houston, TRON was the most popular. In Phoenix, Bytecoin was the most popular.

The study states that overall, throughout the top 50 cities in the U.S., there were 19 different cryptocurrencies featured. This can definitely give people a lot of insight into their research when it comes to cryptocurrencies they are considering investing into. It makes us ask questions like, “what makes this cryptocurrency so popular in this city, and could that benefit someone more than another cryptocurrency?”

For states, Ethereum Classic was tied with Lisk for the most searched cryptocurrency. Monero, Stellar, and surprisingly Dogecoin, came next with three states searching for each currency. It’s pretty interesting to see that Dogecoin is that popular in multiple states considering that it’s based on a meme.

While there were cryptocurrencies that were the most popular in each state, no single currency held the majority of states. With the top searched currencies only leading in four states each, it’s worthy of noting the amount of diversity seen between currencies. This is especially important as Bitcoin holds the cryptocurrency market with the highest market share, yet it was the most popular cryptocurrency in just one state — Hawaii.

Hopefully, this article helped give you more insight into the different cryptocurrencies out there. There are many options to choose from, so make sure you pick the one that fits your needs the most. Make sure you do plenty of research before you invest, as a bad investment can cause chaos. You can even invest in multiple currencies for more diversification.

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