MSN Messenger 7 for Mac

Applications.pngMicrosoft made available today their most recent update to their MSN Messenger service for Apple Computers. You can find the free download at the Mactopia site, Microsoft’s Mac software website.

So, if you’ve decided that Adium and iChat aren’t the Mac messaging clients for you, MSN Messenger for Macs might just fill your Instant messaging need.

After some initial experience with the new Microsoft software I was impressed that they left out the advertisements and countless pop up windows that appear in their Window’s version of MSN live messenger.

But, the MSN Messenger 7 for Mac is not without flaws. I was unable to edit my profile picture as the application rejected the countless number of .jpg, .gif, .png images I tried to select. It even failed to let me select one of it’s default pictures as clicking the ‘OK’ button did absolutely nothing…

Microsoft does test their software before release… don’t they?