Multimedia Magazine Coming to Apple Tablet via iTunes LP ?

In what is being claimed as the first multimedia magazine published in the iTunes LP format, and TurboSquid, have recently announced TurboSquid Magazine. TurboSquid is reported as being the world’s largest online marketplace for 3D models for games, movies, animations and other multimedia formats. The announcement, in partnership with publisher Write2Grow, is a new and interesting approach to Apple’s latest iTunes LP file format that allows individuals to experience a more interactive environment for their music and movie collections. iTunes LP was initially designed to give a more visual experience to record albums and allow for artists another creative media platform.

The announcement of a magazine being made in this format makes many wonder if they know something others don’t about the upcoming Apple Tablet. The recent rumors surrounding the Apple Tablet that will most likely be announce on January 27th, includes potential agreements that Apple may have with content publishers of all sizes, but there has not been much discussion about the content type or file format used for the content. iTunes LP was always envisioned as a way for the next generation of music collectors to still have the feel of owning a complete album, and a way to help encourage complete album purchases, but it may also be the file format used by Apple’s tablet.

The idea of interactive content that is visually appealing and allows individuals to dive deep into information or just skim the top is an interesting concept. It could be just the recipe to put life back into the hands of large Newspapers and content providers. It also would allow for an interesting and unique way to include relevant ads to consumers. It will be interesting to see if in fact, iTunes LP is the file type designed and planned for the Apple Tablet, and we’re just a few days away from finding out all the details.