5 Must Have Apps from the Mac App Store

Apple’s relatively new Mac App Store has maximized the availability of cheap mobile broadband, combined with its portable computers and the proliferation of small applications, to generate millions of dollars in revenue for smart programmers and application developers.

As more and more developers have taken advantage of this new distribution system, the store has become populated with some simply amazing applications that every Mac user should download and take advantage of as quickly as possible. These are five of the best applications currently available in Apple’s Mac App Store.

1. Twitter (Free) 

There was once a time when Twitter clients and applications were exclusively developed by third-party developers outside the social networking company. That is no longer the case, as Twitter has taken over development of official clients for all mobile and desktop operating systems. Part of that effort is Twitter for Mac, which has been available in the Mac App Store for just over a year.

The official client for Mac is visually stunning and gives users the ability to tweet, retweet, and read direct messages right from their desktop. It can also plug into the Growl notification system and alert them to new tweets, new mentions, or direct messages from other users. And because it’s a live stream of tweets, it always has the latest content available for both online and offline reading on the desktop. Get It Now!

2. Evernote (Free)

If you’ve ever gotten to the grocery store and realized you had totally forgotten what you went there for, Evernote is exactly the application you need to install on your Mac. It syncs with the Evernote.com website, as well as mobile applications which are available for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. And it can attach PDF files, images, websites, and other documents to the notes it creates. Because syncing is instant and automatic, every change you make to notes on your desktop is instantly synced across all devices and websites on which the application has been installed. Get It Now!

3. Angry Birds ($4.99) 

Alright, so it’s not the world’s leading productivity application. But Angry Birds is, by far, one of the most popular electronic computer games in the world right now. It’s also easily affordable, at just $4.99, and it can be synced across multiple devices via Apple’s GameCenter application. That means your score will be the same across all of your iDevices, and you’ll never have to repeat a level. And did we mention that playing with a mouse, instead of your fingers, adds a whole new dimension to this desktop counterpart? Get It Now!

4. Translator (Free)

It’s an increasingly global marketplace out there, and sometimes there’s nothing you can do but translate text and hope that you haven’t missed any meanings or intentions in the process. To make that process easier, Translator simply sits in your Mac menu bar and waits for you to drag text into it. From there, you simply select the language you’d like to translate the text from and to, and the job is done. It’s an easy way to communicate directly and internationally without losing any time or meaning. Get it Now!

5. Aperture ($79.99)

Users of cheap mobile broadband will appreciate Aperture’s ability to greatly enhance and modify their photos and draw directly from the Mac’s built-in iPhoto software. Using photo editing tools that are comparable to the dramatically more expensive Adobe Photoshop application, Aperture can make even mobile snapshots look like professional grade photography. Get It Now!

Article written by Spencer Hogg from the Broadband Expert website where cheap mobile broadband deals can be found.