My 10 Favorite Free Mac App Store Applications

There are thousands of quality applications for Mac OS X out there for users to try, but I want to share my 10 favorite applications instead. Maybe there are some here that you have yet to try. Everything here is worth installing and trying at least once.

Let’s start, shall we?


Evernote is a note-taking application that allows users to seamlessly write, collect, store, sync, and retrieve notes. Information like text, photos, links, articles, and more can be stored in Evernote. Free accounts have up to 60MB of storage and transfer space they can utilize in a month. But the best part about Evernote is that it works with most mobile and desktop platforms, which ensures you’ll have your information anywhere and anytime you need it.

My Thoughts

Evernote is easily one of my most-used applications. I use it to store ideas, thoughts, and other types of content that comes to me throughout the day on my Android and on my Macbook. And that is what is so amazing about it — it is with you wherever you go. Unfortunately, the amount of data you can transfer per month for free has been steadily decreasing, but I will pay for the service if I need to in the future. But for most people, it is impressive. (Check out SpringPad for an alternative.)

Sketchbook Express

Sketchbook Express is an intuitive graphics application that enables users to create quick sketches, paintings, and other types of digital art with ease. It differentiates itself by offering a clever and minimalistic interface that is there when you need it and is out of the way when you don’t.

My Thoughts

I love having an application to scribble in every once in awhile, and Sketchbook Express is that application. It gives you the tools to create sketches that actually look like sketches, which is great. But I also really enjoy the interface of this application. It is a great take on minimalism, but it also functions very well. I almost wish Photoshop had this same interface. (Also check out SKetchbook Express on iOS and Android.)


Twitter (for Mac) is the company’s official Twitter client for the Mac OSX platform. It shines by offering minimalistic interface and providing a real-time view of the current activity on Twitter.

My Thoughts

I’m currently torn between Nambu, TweetDeck, and Twitter for Mac. I constantly find myself bouncing between the three (don’t bother asking why, because I don’t know). But of all of those applications, Twitter for Mac is by far the simplest of the bunch and it does have the best looking interface. So, if you are not a power user, this application is, by far, your best bet.


Alfred is a utility that enables users to quickly access applications, documents, and other types of content on Mac OSX by using the keyboard. Think of it as the most intuitive and user-friendly command line you’ll ever see. It’s a tool that you’ll use on a daily basis, and it will eliminate the need to ever use a mouse again to access an application on your Mac.

My Thoughts

I use Alfred every day. It is amazing how easy it is for me to find and open applications ever since I installed this application. I’ve been using it ever since it came out for the Mac App Store, so I’m happy to see it listed in the App Store. If you are a fan of keyboard shortcuts, you will love this application alone for quickly accessing other applications on your computer.


TextWranger is an impressive and well-featured text editor for Mac OS X aimed specifically for developers. It features many of the functions that higher-end text editors in its class has, but it comes without the price tag of those other applications.

My Thoughts

TextWranger was one of the first applications I installed on my Macbook when I first purchased it. I used it for a few months before I decided to splurge and purchase TextMate. I currently use TextMate for my programming needs, but I would have no issue with going back to TextWrangler. It’s a great tool for developers without the price tag that usually accompanies other tools like it.


NovaBench is a bench-testing software for Mac OSX. It works by enabling users to bench test their computer’s performance and compare it with other computers. It could also help users to stress test their Mac, thus discovering any potential memory, hard disk, or other serious stability problems.

My Thoughts

This one is aimed more towards the hardcore tech geeks out there, but if you like to know where your Mac stands in comparison to the rest of the world, NovaBench is clearly a great solution to do that. You can use it to benchmark your system or to test to see if there are any problems (like a bad stick of RAM).

Awesome Memory

Awesome Memory is a relatively simple application that enables a user to play a game where they must test their memory. The user clicks on face-down card one at a time and attempts to find another card just like it. Who knows, it might just help sharpen your memory (I know I could use a better one).

My Thoughts

Awesome Memory is a game I like to play when I feel like killing time. After playing, I feel smarter, which might only be a psychological side effect… thing. That said, it is a fun game that supposedly keeps your brain sharp. And I can’t argue with feeling smarter and thinking I can remember more stuff — after all, it might actually be working.


McSolitiare is a version of Solitaire on the Mac. It offers a beautiful game table and offers large, readable cards for playing the classic game. It also has many options to tweak the game to your own style of play.

My Thoughts

If you have ever used a Windows-based computer, I’m pretty sure you played Solitaire. I did, that’s for sure. I never really looked for an equivalent on Mac OS X, but now that I stumbled upon McSolitaire, I’m hooked. The game works very well, and it has decent graphics too. It might not be the most productive usage of your time, but it sure is fun. (Check out Civilization V for Mac if you need something a bit more challenging.)


SoundCloud is an application that gives users the opportunity to follow musicians and music artists on the SoundCloud website. Users can instantly stream music from a followed user, you favorite tracks, and other music that users share to you exclusively.

My Thoughts

Seeing as I DJ as a hobby on the side, I love music with a passion. But sharing that music was fairly difficult on the Internet — at least that was true until SoundCloud came out. I think of SoundCloud as the YouTube for music. You can find a mixture of anything on there, and it might even go along the way of replacing iTunes as your favorite music application.