My favorite iPad case

I’m a bit of a minimalist. I don’t like software with a ton of features, hardware that can be customized 50 different ways and devices that do everything okay and nothing really well. I prefer clean lines, less bulk and the least footprint possible for most of what I do.

My iPhone case is the black Apple bumper, my MacBook Pro is naked and I don’t use external keyboards or mice. When I buy something extra, I need to to look good, function as advertised and be easy to use. That is why, when I had my TyPad, I bought from DodoCase.

Each handmade case is created with leather, wood protection and a cool moleskine-like strap that keeps your iPad’s screen protected. While it’s certainly not a fall-proof, burn-proof or waterproof solution, it made using and transporting TyPad easier and it allowed me to do so in a little bit of style. Any Apple fan can appreciate that.

My original DODOcase left with TyPad, but thanks to the generosity of the company founders, I now have a limited-edition, totally new DODOcase to give away to one lucky reader. It was sent to me as a thank you for being one of their first customers – I waited almost two months to receive mine because of a surge in popularity – and not bitching about any wait time. This emeritus case is no longer available, as I’m sure the DODOsays guys are hard at work on new designs for the Kindle and iPad 2.

I’d like to give my case to someone. To enter contest, you must tell us why you want it and link back to this post. You can tweet it, send a Facebook status update, write a blog post or make a video. You’re not required to have anyone vote nor do you have to endlessly promote your entry to your friends. Just use the link somewhere in your entry and if you want to make absolutely sure your entry is counted, post a comment here with a link to YOUR entry.

The contest will run from now until Friday, January 8. Best entry, as determined by a secret algorithm based on awesomeness, demonstration of Mac love or hilarity, will be awarded this DODOcase free of charge. I’ll even pay for standard shipping anywhere in the U.S.