New 13.3″ MacBook Pro a little off

Thousands and millions of geeks celebrated this morning as Apple launched a new line of MacBook Pros, nearly a year after their last refresh. They are full of dual-core i5s, quad-core i7s, Thunderbolt ports and come standard with 4GB RAM.

Had my bank account been able to take the hit, I would have probably ordered one this morning, but a little voice inside of me just keeps telling me to wait. There has to be some catch. Something has to be slightly off and there’s no way, especially for the 13.3″ model, that these improvements could come without sacrifice.

Battery life, reportedly 10 hours for the previous versions, is now down to seven hours. The 128GB SSD drive is a ridiculous $250 more and there’s still no matte option on the 13.3″ version. As these are supposed to be highly capable, professional level machines, it’s annoying to see such features either retarded or eliminated completely.

I know I sound cranky, but dammit, not everyone wants or needs a 15-17″ mobile powerhouse. The smallest of the MacBook Pro offerings has seemingly been the least of Apple’s concern, a vast change from the Powerbook G4 series, where the 12″ consistently provided the best combination of speed, power and value that most Mac fans have ever seen.

Perhaps it’s time for whiners like me to either suck up the power hit and make do with a MacBook Air or accept that far too many people feel they need a 15″ MacBook Pro, convincing Apple to focus more on improving the upper echelon of their Pro line.

That said, anyone want to toss me $1400? My 2010 13.3″ MacBook Pro is feeling mighty outdated…