New Study Shows What Daily Activities Americans Wish They Could Automate

There are some things in life we wish we could avoid. Between awkward conversations at a grocery store to daily interactions with colleagues, sometimes we just don’t want to deal with them. And while technology has allowed us to work around verbal conversations like making a doctor’s appointment online or sending a risky text in place of a phone call, there’s still some things we wish a robot could do in our place.


A nationwide survey released by MRO Electric is revealing which parts of life Americans wish they could automate.  

The top 5 activities Americans said they were most likely to automate included your typical daily annoyances such as fueling/charging their cars, since we always seem to run out of gas when we’re in a hurry or running behind, as well as making traffic lights change in their favor, another daily occurrence that can have us running into work a few minutes late. Also making the top 5 was diaper changing, school drop-off and pick-up, and the first hour of the workday. 


When it comes to activities they are least likely to automate, it seems that the respondents don’t want to miss out on the little moments in life. These things include having small talk with colleagues, the birds and the bees talk, playing with their pets, reacting to their kids performances that they’re not impressed by and even stealing streaming subscription passwords from their loved ones. This shows that although these activities can seem annoying sometimes, people still value the interactions and milestones they have with the people around them. 


You can find the full survey here.