News: 1 Million Apple TVs & Mac App Store

This December, Apple has continued to bring good news to shareholders and product owners. Some of the most recent news appears to be that Apple is having significantly more success with their Apple TV line since reducing the price point to $99 and moving to a “streaming” focused approach. Apple announced earlier this week that they will reach 1 million Apple TV sales . And while that is an extremely impressive number for any product, Apple’s additional announcement that they’re also renting and purchasing over 400,000 TV episodes and over 150,000 movies per day appears to be the bigger story.

Apple really has created a goldmine ecosystem. Their devices continue to return high profit margins while their digital stores bring in continual income with little new overhead. TV shows can be rented for $.99 an episode and buying these shows often costs $1.99. Their movies have more variable pricing but the median price point seems to be around $9.99 pre movie. An accurate estimate puts Apple at anywhere between $1 million and $2 million dollars in revenue on digital transactions from their video online stores each day. That’s a considerable amount for anyone.

Mac App Store

In addition to their very positive information related to the Apple TV, Apple announced that they’re hoping to bring the same type of digital store success to their computer line. The Mac App Store has been announced to be released on January 6th. If the initial launch is anywhere as successful as the app stores for iOS devices than Apple will be adding yet again to their digital residual income.

Mac App Store.jpg

Most interesting of all is that not just Apple benefits from these stores. App Developers from companies of all sizes find themselves making fortunes through Apple’s online stores. The Mac App Store should be just as successful and make purchasing and installing apps as easy as ever.