One Incredible iPad Case

We’ll be the first to admit that we’ve been fans of the iPad since it was released. And while it is true that there are a few features (Retina Display, Cameras, etc) that we’re looking forward to with Apple’s next generation iPad, we’ve also found the 1st generation iPad to be one of the Apple devices we’ve used most often in 2010.

By itself, the iPad is a great device, but when combined with products of excellent engineering it becomes incredible. The ZAGGmate, an iPad case and bluetooth keyboard combined into one, does just that.

I couldn’t believe at first how quick and easy it was to navigate around and through the iPad apps that I use for productivity when I first used it with the ZAGGmate. The keyboard function keys that they’ve included in their version of the Bluetooth keyboard makes all the difference. I can quickly and easily get to the search screen, start a slide show, jump in and out of apps with the iPad button function key, and even put the device to sleep all from the keyboard included in the ZAGGmate. Volume keys on the keyboard also function exactly like the experience you have when working with Apple Computers. I found myself selecting music to listen to while jumping back and forth between the documents I was working on in Pages and the instant messages I was receiving in Meebo. Using ZAGGmate made me feel like I was back at my Macbook Pro, just running a slightly different version of OS X.

iPad Case.jpg


I believe that ZAGG took special attention to the design of this Case/Keyboard combo. Its as if they did everything to design the Case to make it fit perfectly with the Apple line of products and make it look and feel as if Apple designed it themselves. It is perfectly designed to both add protection and stability to your iPad as well as allow you to increase productivity while using it.


Overall, the ZAGGmate is an easy win. Its changed the way that I use the iPad and its something I’d recommend to anyone looking to get more from their iPad. If I was back in college, I wouldn’t bring my Notebook to class, I’d bring my ZAGGmate and iPad combo and be as productive as ever before.

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