Online Backup For your Mac

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One of the strongest features in Apple’s OS X 10.5 Leopard was the built in capability to backup your data with Time Machine. By attaching an external hard drive, or connecting to a Time Capsule, individuals can now continually back up their data in case their computer starts having problems.

This solution is great for hard drive failures, data corruption, or even finding previous versions of files that you’re interested in working with, however, it is is not a perfect solution.

At times due to natural disasters, robbery, or even fire, your data and memories can be lost. This includes the backup you’ve saved with Time Machine. To protect against this, companies have developed software that allows you to backup your software securely, online. I’ve personally seen the benefits of having my data backed up online and suggest it to everyone. Keep reading for more details about Secure Mac Online Backup.

Secure Mac Online Backup

While there are a number of different options for online backup on the Mac, one of the best options for both your wallet and the amount of storage you can save online is this quick and easy way toback up your data for free. The service allows you to backup your a few gigabytes of data for free but than has cheap plans for unlimited backup. I was amazed at how easy it was to quickly sign up, backup, and restore data after signing up for the service. It was quick and easy and the best part about it is that they let me try out there software for free without an expiration date. They gave me a set amount of backup space and let me see the benefits of their software first hand.

Mozy, is an online backup program that is available for both PCs and Macs. Mozy offers secure backup solutions and includes a client application that allows you to easily configure what you will be backing up on your Mac. I started out my free trial by backing up my document library. It wasn’t long before I signed up for a monthly unlimited service that was so cheap I couldn’t believe the price. Once I was setup with my unlimited account, I added my Music, Pictures, Video, and applications so that everything I needed backed up was secure and easily accessible online.

Some of the benefits of signing up for Mozy Online Backup for your Mac include:

  • Protect Every Photo
  • Protect Every Video
  • Protect Every Song
  • Protect Every Document you’ve ever created
  • Protect your financial records

I know I sleep soundly and don’t stress if I ever have computer problems because the most important part of my computer, the data, is backed up online.

Mozy – The Application

Mozy’s application for the Mac is slick and simple. It allows users to easily select the packages of information you’re interested in backing up (Photos, Movies, Documents) or selecting file by file the data you’d like to be kept safe offsite.

Mozy Online Backup Mac

If you select a significant amount of data to back up, it will take some time to backup all your data to the Mozy secure servers. This process runs in the background and once it starts you won’t know its backing up your data until it finishes and lets you know you’re mac online backup is complete. After your initial backup, Mozy does an excellent job of keeping track of what data has been modified and then only sends those files up to the cloud where your data is being stored.

Restoring Data Backed Up Online

In the first instance that you need to restore data that was backed up online, you’ll need to navigate to and login with your login information. From your account you’ll be able to select from either downloading a zipped up packed of all your data, having the data mailed to you on a usb drive, or selecting particular files you’d like to quickly restore.

I find the three options for restoration refreshing. If you’re in a crunch for a particular file, you can select it, continue to download it, and access it as needed. If you have more time, opting for the backup to be sent to you so that you have a physical copy of the backup can be beneficial in the future. I’ve restored my online backup data through zipped files quickly and easily and have had no trouble at all with the process.


Overall, data backup is becoming more and more important for individuals and not just businesses. Apple has built an excellent option for data backup with Time Machine, but it is still a good idea to securely backup your Mac data online with a service provided by Mozy or a similar online backup company.

Don’t regret later that you were not proactive enough with your Mac Online Backup, Keep your data safe and secure with an online backup now.

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