Online Trading Academy Reviews

One of the best features of the iPhone is that it literally seems to have an app for everything.  iPhone owners searching the app store will find some of the greatest mobile games, apps that provide the latest news, and even a way to order food from your favorite restaurant.

It’s no secret that we love to review apps here at Maciverse and recently came across an app that focuses on providing investors with news, analysis, and data for trading and investing.

Online Trading Academy is the world leader in professional education for traders and has courses offered around the world to help investors understand the market better to improve their trading efforts.   To help students receive information while on the go, the iPhone app provides rich news, data, and access daily picks for individuals to analyze and consider.

Our Online Trading Academy Reviews

When I first installed the Online Trading Academy app on the iPhone I thought I would be required to enter student account information to be able to access all the features of the phone.  I was pleasantly surprised that to receive all of the apps features I simply had to register my email address.  The process took less than 10 seconds and I was quickly browsing the collection of investing related information available through the app.

Online Trading Academy Reviews

For the rest of Online Trading Academy reviews I want to focus on the features included in the app. Check out this site if you’re looking for other Online Trading Academy Reviews.  Once installed and the app is launched you’re presented with a trader’s dashboard that includes information on Equities, Equity Index Futures, Forex, Commodities, Interest Rates, and an earnings calendar.    Each of these sections provides users with quick access to information that can be essential to trading successfully.

Online Trading Academy App Review

The app also includes a news aggregator that presents the most recent financial related news from Reuters.  It’s a great source to check in on what’s in the news and how the latest story may be impacting your investments.

The Daily Pick provides a stock pick each day as well as data related to that pick.  Information provided for the daily pick includes positives, negatives, and odd enhancers to help you make a decision on the investment.

The final feature of the Online Trading Academy app is the radio feature that provides you access some quick podcasts or radio recordings related to stock trading and investments.  These are updated regularly with almost a new recording each day.


Overall, the Online Trading Academy App is a great app for financial information.  The fact that it’s free only makes the decision to install it on your iPhone that much easier to make.   Head over to the app store and search for the app, check it out and be sure to add your review to the other 5 star ratings the app has already received.

Update (4-8-2013): It’s been a while since we originally provided this Online Trading Academy Review and have been getting a lot of questions about the app.  The app focuses on providing financial related news to users.  If you’re looking for information about their free resources then you should head to directly.

Their site also includes a reviews section so you can see what others have been saying about Online Trading Academy and the courses and information they offer.

Update (5 – 21 – 2014): It’s been a few years since the initial Online Trading Academy review app was released. We’ve read some rumors that there could be another release of the application available soon.