OS X App Store = AWESOME

There’s a lot to be said for open, non-proprietary software. Innovation happens. Excellence happens. But to those of us who use technology to get something else done, we just don’t care.

Most hardcore geeks will tell you that controlled systems are horrible. They will bemoan the lack of hackability and they will do everything in their power to make sure any line of crackpot code will run. They will embrace piracy (if they haven’t already) as a means of getting anything. They will tell you that controlled operating systems are bad for technology as a whole.

I call bullshit. The main reason they want open operating systems is that so they’re cheaply or freely able to create a bunch of programs that no one wants. Quick, tell me a program that you use, even on a semi-regular basis, that was created free of cost, free of time and free of a lifetime of programming knowledge.

You can’t, because it’s not possible. The era of free programs is over and I couldn’t be happier. You see, most of these programs are terrible. Thank god I’ve never been a Windows fans, as their bloatware, crapware and freeware is even worse.

People will pay for quality programs, especially Mac users who already paid a premium to own an Apple product.

Now I know you’re worried about the future of Macs, so let’s take a look at other products that have been subject to an Apple-controlled software environment:

1. iPhone
Mine hasn’t crashed in months. The apps I’ve bought are awesome.

2. iPad
Fastest selling consumer device ever, and a computing experience unlike any most of us have ever seen. Also, mine has NEVER crashed. Not once.

Seeing as how Safari crashes about once a day because of Flash, I’d say that iOS has a pretty damn good track record when it comes to stability, usability and reliability. Do I care that I have to pay a few bucks to allow these obviously talented developers an opportunity to create higher-quality apps? Of course not. Similar to iTunes making it easy for me to buy high-quality (okay, decent for my earbuds) music online, the iOS and now Mac OS app stores raise the bar, not lower it.

And if you’re really that hard core of a programming geek, go build a Linux box. I hear they’re all the rage.