OS X Lion – Spaces & Different Desktop Backgrounds

We’ve had the opportunity to spend the last few weeks working with OS X 10.7 Lion Developer builds and will be sharing some of the interesting updates and modifications that we’re seeing with Apple’s new OS. In fact, Apple just recently released a new update to the Developer Preview build of OS X Lion.

One of the latest additions to the OS is the inclusion of new background images for your desktop. Following the traditional pattern of OS X versions and their desktop backgrounds, Lion includes a desktop background that features a Lion. Overall the quality of the desktop background images look great on my 27 inch iMac.

Set A Different Desktop Background For Each Space

One of the features of the OS is the ability to have multiple desktop Spaces which you can utilize to help you feel and stay organized. I quickly enabled this feature when I first installed OS X Lion but did not come back to it until I started making desktop background changes with the most recent developer release of OS X 10.7. After changing the 1st Space to the new Lion background I found my self launching Mission Control (A new organization feature like Expose) and noticed that Spaces 2 through 4 didn’t have the same background image as the one I set for the first Space. After jumping to Space 2 I changed the background to something different and discovered the Spaces in OS X 10.7 Lion can each have their own background image. This should make giving each space a unique custom feel quick and easy.

To set a background for each Space:

  • Be sure that you’ve enabled Spaces in System Preferences
  • Switch to the Space you’d like to change the background for
  • Right Click or Command Click on the desktop
  • Select Desktop Background – This will launch System Preferences, if System Preferences isn’t already in the Space you’d like to change the background for, be sure to drag it there
  • Change the background image
  • Switch back to another Space and notice the background image is still what you had set it to before

Following the steps above should make it for a quick and easy way to have each space have a unique feel and stand out for how ever you’ve decided to utilize the work space. I know that having different backgrounds for each space will help me quickly identify the work area and the windows and applications I usually have open in those spaces. This feature of OS X Lion is great and will come in handy.