OSX 10.5.6 aka The Cookie Monster

Ever since I updated OSX to version 10.5.6 I noticed that I was signing in to websites I marked to “keep me signed in” more and more. At first I thought that the various websites I have accounts with were verifying my login credentials more often but then I started to get signed out of sites like gmail and facebook while I was clicking through the site.

I verified that my safari preferences were saving cookies correctly and that everything on my end was working correctly but I continued to have problems. After doing some further research it seems that I wasn’t the only one having this problem.

A thread on the Apple Support page lists a number of people having the same issue… and for each of us it started with the 10.5.6 upgrade. Something about the most recent code was not processing cookies and session variables correctly. No one could stay logged in.

A few people have reported success in fixing the problem with these possible solutions:

  1. Close all open applications and remove the file: ~/Library/Cookies/Cookies.plist. Re-open Safari
  2. Repair Permissions with Disk Utility. Open Safari, Reset Safari from the file menu, Re-Open Safari
  3. Download and Reinstall Safari

Reports vary for the solutions listed above so let us know if any of them solve the problem for you. Either way, it looks like Apple has some patch work to do.