Crossover for Google Chrome

After Google announced that they were entering the Browser Wars we discussed the lack of capability to run their new Chrome Browser in OS X despite the fact that Chrome was build on Webkit, the same engine used in Apple’s Safari. A few days later we found that Google was … Read more

ReInstalling OS X on Macbook Air

When Apple released the Macbook Air many questioned their belief that many people no longer need a CD or DVD drive on their notebooks. While others focused on the notebooks lack of ability to quickly play DVD media or import the latest audio CD tracks, I was more concerned with … Read more

Automator Tip of the Week: FTP Uploads

Although Finder, OS X file management application, has many built in features and capabilities it can be enhanced in many ways. We’ve mentioned previously how Automator can help you quickly convert files to different formats and show hidden files in Finder. Today’s tip will help you quickly upload files to … Read more

Mac Gaming: Direct Downloads

While PC game manufactures with available services from Valve Software’s Steam and have allowed customers to purchase and download games directly to their hard drive for some time now, no one has offered the same capabilities for the Mac. Despite having the number 1 online Music store and a … Read more

Mac Gaming: Spore Creature Creator

If you’re a Mac gamer then you’ve probably been following closely EA’s soon to be released game SPORE.  Yes, unlike most games, SPORE will be released for both the Mac and PC simultaneously. Well, today is a special day for all you interested in getting your hands on anything to … Read more

Quick Switch Startup Disk

If you’re an Intel Mac user and run Boot Camp with Windows on your Apple Computer than you may be interested in being able to quickly restart your computer into the other OS on your system. Of course, you can always use the long way, navigate to System Preferences, click … Read more

Add Forms to iWeb Pages

NOTE: A new article related to creating and customizing iWeb forms has been recently posted. iWeb, an application included in iLife, has allowed individuals to quickly create all kinds of websites. But unfortunately the ability to add forms to these websites is not an included feature. Luckily, with a bit … Read more