Four Reasons To Wait for the iPhone 5

Everyone knows that the iPhone 4 is going to be making its debut on Verizon Wireless within the next week, and many people are excited about it. What some people might not be aware of, however, is that the iPhone 5 could be but a few months away from being … Read more

Verizon iPhone Data Pricing Undercuts AT&T

Some were wondering what the pricing model for the Verizon iPhone would look like. Questions over whether not not there would be unlimited data and whether or not increases in pricing have been echoed. Well, it would appear that we have our answers, and AT&T is quick to respond with … Read more

6 Things I Hate About Android

To some, it might come as a shock that I’m an avid Android user. The Droid X has been my primary phone for several months now, and it has gotten the job done. And while that is true, it doesn’t mean I love everything there is about the phone. In … Read more

Enable the PDF Viewer in Chrome for Mac

pdf viewer for Chrome for Mac

For a while I assumed that the native Chrome PDF viewer did not exist on Chrome for Mac.  I was so accustomed to it on Windows, but when I switched over to Mac, I just figured that PDFs had to be downloaded to be viewed… after all, it is the … Read more

Stories from a former Apple Retail Employee

There’s a certain prestige in working for Apple. You get access to cutting-edge technology, see new products before they’re introduced and are shown innovation at the highest level. That is, if you work for Apple corporate. Apple Retail employees don’t enjoy those same perks. Not that working for an Apple … Read more

Hands-on With The Next Generation of Macbooks

We here at Maciverse have already had some hands-on time with the Macbook Air, but I’m about to toss in my two cents in as well. After spending some time with Apple’s latest and greatest, I can definitely say that I have my fascinations and reservations about it. So let’s … Read more