iOS 4.2 is Coming

It wasn’t long ago that Apple Announced that iOS for the iPhone and iPad would merge into a single release cycle. Currently, iOS for the iPhone is at version 4.1 while the iPad is still running version 3.2.2. With iOS 4.2 the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch will all be … Read more

Why I still love MobileMe

I’ve been an iTools user since 2001. After that, I was a .Mac subscriber for many years. I’ve been paying what many people consider an egregious Apple tax for almost a decade. Every 12 months, except 15 in one case because of some credits for downtime, I pay $150 for … Read more

The Xbox 360 Is Still an Apple TV Competitor

When Apple original released their 1st generation Apple TV we took a look at how the “media center” compared to others in the market. At the time we quickly realized that one of the platform’s largest competitors is Microsoft’s Xbox 360. It wasn’t long after the announcement of Apple TV … Read more

The iPad isn’t mobile – Zuckerberg has it right

The internet blew up when Mark Zuckerberg claimed the iPad wasn’t a mobile device. He referred to tablets as a new form factor and thus requiring a different approach than either typical desktop or mobile development. Ben Parr of Mashable disagrees, going as far to insinuate Apple would disagree with … Read more

The Rise (and Total Domination) of the iPad

The iPad is dominating with 95 percent of the tablet computing market under Apple’s control. Not exactly shocking, right? What is shocking, though, is that there is a 5 percent of the market that isn’t controlled by the iPad. I didn’t even know there was anything else out there worth … Read more

iPad adieu – Goodbye to TyPad

TyPad, we hardly knew ye. After nearly six months as an owner of a WiFi, 32gig iPad, my girlfriend and I bid adieu to the tablet that I thought worthy of trading my domain for. While I’m happy the other Tyler Hurst finally has his own domain name (his … Read more

Snow Leopard: A Holdout’s Perspective

I never planned on purchasing Apple’s Mac OS X Snow Leopard. I felt that I didn’t need it, especially with the recent announcement of OS X Lion at “Back to the Mac.” However, I needed to start fresh with my Macbook, so why not upgrade to Snow Leopard? For those … Read more