Hints and Tips: iPhoto

With iPhoto 08 Apple included a number of enhancements and adjustments to the way that users view their photo library in iPhoto. Instead of having one library that stored all your photos, there are now divided up by Events. I personally have found this a great enhancement to the organization … Read more

iPhone: Sync your Safari Bookmarks

There have been a number of recent articles describing the way that consumers user their iPhone. Interestingly enough, compared to normal smartphone users iPhone users talk less and browse the web more then their counterparts. In fact: “iPhone owners spend the time they use their iPhones engaged in voice calls … Read more

VLC: The Media Player That Could

When I purchased my first Mac I quickly transfered over all the media files from my old windows based machine and was excited to finally view the content on an operating system with strong media capabilities. I opened up Quicktime and found a movie in .avi format that I wanted … Read more

iChat Plugin: Chax

Like Safari and many of the other Apple applications, iChat supports custom plugins that allow you to customize or optimize your iChat experience. One great plugin for iChat is Chax. Chax is made by the same developer that brought us WARP for Spaces and adds some great features to iChat. … Read more

Microsoft Exchange support coming to MAIL?

Last week apple announced a number of software features and additions to the upcoming release of iPhone 2.0. One of the most significant features was the support for Microsoft Exchange servers. Now users will be able to access their work based email with full Microsoft Exchange support on their iPhone. … Read more

How To: Import your iWeb Blog to WordPress

iWeb, Apple’s website creation application that comes with each new Apple computer is designed to allow users to quickly create websites and blogs. While the process is quick and simple it also lacks some of the more complicated features that you see in many blog sites today. If you’ve created … Read more

Time Capsule’s Hitachi “Server Grade” Drive?

The folks over at AppleInsider couldn’t resist opening up their new Time Capsule to see what was really inside. I think the most revealing discovery is the “server grade” drive is a Hitachi Deskstar drive found everyday desktop computers. In addition, these drives are used in Apple’s xserve line so … Read more