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Apple TV pet peeves

The new Apple TV has certainly streamlined my media system. Instead of attaching a Mac Mini with three hard drives to my LCD TV via … Read more

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Free iPhone Calls With Viber

One thing everyone is interested in is getting something for Free. That’s the latest promise from Viber, a VOIP application for the iPhone that promises … Read more


iPhone 4 Voice Control

Starting with the iPhone 3GS Apple included “Voice Control” functionality into their iPhones. The iPhone 4 is no different and even with the latest iOS … Read more

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Cyber Monday for Apple

Both Black Friday and Cyber Monday have confused the heck out of me. Should I buy now? Should I wait? How much of a deal … Read more


Reason #4785 I love my Apple products

I celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday at the collaborative workspace Gangplank, along with over 10 other holiday orphans who didn’t have any family close by. We each … Read more