OS X App Store = AWESOME

There’s a lot to be said for open, non-proprietary software. Innovation happens. Excellence happens. But to those of us who use technology to get something else done, we just don’t care. Most hardcore geeks will tell you that controlled systems are horrible. They will bemoan the lack of hackability and … Read more

Apple: Closed Is the New Open

We’ve seen the “Back to Mac” event. We know what’s upon us: a new Macbook Air, iLife ’11, and FaceTime. But the story of the show, even if you don’t even realize it, is that Apple has begun phasing out Mac OS X. It’s funny. Even though I had a … Read more

“Back to Mac” Predictions for Mac OS X 10.7

The desktop operating system has faded into the darkness as mobile platforms have taken the spotlight. Android, iOS, Windows Phone 7, webOS, and Blackberry are all we hear about in the news. The tech world, it would seem, has forgotten about the aging desktop operating system. Many people — including … Read more

What will Back To The Mac bring us?

For all its success with the iOS products, Apple has certainly been a bit lacking in the Mac and software department of late. We still have a Macbook Air that just isn’t perfect, Final Cut Pro may never be finished and it’s been a long time since iLife was updated. … Read more

A Monitor Docking Station for the iPad?

Its no secret that the iPad is a huge success. Its now being sold at Target and Walmart in addition to Best Buy locations across the country and of course at each and every Apple retail location. Apple themselves was a bit caught off guard about the success of the … Read more

The NFL on Apple

For at least the past couple decades millions of Americans have spent their Sunday afternoons in the fall tuned into their televisions to catch their favorite NFL teams play American Football. Fans love the action pack plays presented to them on their HDTVs and the excitement that comes with each … Read more