Add Games to your iWeb Site

In the past we’ve described a number of ways to add forms, counters, rss feeds, and many other website tools to your iWeb pages. Now … Read more

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March Madness on your iPhone

We just mentioned that watching the NCAA Men’s Basketball March Madness basketball tournament is now quick and easy on your Mac. It is also available … Read more


March Madness on your Mac

March Madness for Mac users has improved year over year.  In previous years, the only way to watch the streaming NCAA games was to do … Read more


The Shrinking iPod Shuffle!

One of the products that helped launch Apple Inc. back into the spotlight of computers and electronics was the iPod. Since the original release of … Read more


iWeb Quick Tip: Movie Sections

iWeb makes putting together websites as easy as dragging and dropping files. Although very easy to use, one of its draw backs is that its … Read more

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Google Sync: Taking the iPlunge

Google recently announced they had licensed ActiveSync from Microsoft. The same ActiveSync that Apple licensed to bring you MobileMe for $99 a year. Well, you … Read more