Be Drive SMART

I had a co-worker who talked about the “great hard drive crash of 98”, in which his computer drive failed and he lost tons of data. Even worse, he was in the middle of school and most of his projects were on the drive. Could disaster have been prevented? It’s … Read more

Safari Hints and Tips: Part 4 – Private Browsing

The Safari Tip of the Day is Private Browsing. Lets face it, there may be times when you don’t want to record everything that you do while browsing the internet. You may be navigating to confidential business sites, doing your online banking, or browsing on a friends computer and just … Read more

Make Your Mac A Phone: The MacPhone

Over the past few years Voice over IP (VoIP) has continually grown as a viable option for a home telephone line. Each new VoIP provider tries to compete by providing many of the same services for less money that current telephone providers offer to their customers. This guide will show … Read more

Apple TV Take 3 Recipe

Apple recently unveiled a software update to Apple TV, calling it Apple TV Take Two. Remember the joke that Microsoft would get it right at version 3 (whatever “right” meant)? Whether that will be true of the Apple TV or not remains to be seen. In the meantime, we can … Read more

Maciverse Bests: Mid-February

Over the past few weeks we’ve posted a number of tips, reviews, and tutorials on how to help you take full advantage of your Apple products. If you didn’t happen to read all of these, now is your chance to catch up on what you’ve missed. Some of the most … Read more

Safari Hints and Tips: Part 1 – Keyboard shortcuts

We’ve mentioned previously how convenient the new custom dashboard widget creation feature in Safari is but have a few additional tips on ways that you can get more out of using the browser. One Click – Tabbed Browsing One of the greatest things about Safari is how easy it is … Read more

Blogging with Macs: An Interview With J.D.

Over the last few years the blogging community around the internet has grown at an outstanding rate. Blogs can be found on almost any topic and the number of Blog readers seems to increase daily.One individual who has come to experience a great deal of success with his Blog is … Read more