Macbook Air Reviews Here, There, Everywhere

As the first Macbook Air’s started making their way to early purchasers the reviews around the internet seem to be popping up. After reviewing most of them it becomes clear that the Macbook is what most people expected it to be after the announcement at Macworld 2008. HOW THIN? The … Read more

Import Gmail Contacts to Address Book

Update: Follow these steps to import gmail contacts to your iPhone directly. I know that one of the frustrating things about switching from one computer to another is the process of moving things like your address book may gets lost in the shuffle. Moving From a PC to a Maccould … Read more

Time Capsule vs. Airport Extreme

Our home wireless network has undergone several changes. We adopted early to a pre 802.11n router provided by Belkin. I refer to those as the bad old days where our wireless signal would drop at the slightest hint of traffic. Eventually, we replaced our Belkin router with a new Airport … Read more

Dashboard Widgets & Safari

One of the many great features of Apple’s new OS X 10.5 Leopard that gets overlooked or under used is the ability to quickly and easily create custom dashboard widgets of areas of websites that you visit often or check for important information. You may have noticed a new button … Read more

iTunes Movie Rentals – Buy Them Too!

Apple recently announced at Macworld 2008 that they would start renting movies from ALL the major motion picture studios. With all the excitement many people forget that you can still buy movies on iTunes. Movies are for sale from Paramount, Lionsgate, MGM, as well as all the studios currently owned … Read more

Using Speakable Items for Fun and Profit (or at least for fun)

Besides all of the really useful features that makes OS X stand out from Windows, there is also the spoken user interface (also known as speakable items). This nifty (big) little feature gives demonstrates how well polished the operating really is. The spoken user interface was developed mainly to assist … Read more

Macworld 2008 Review

Like many of the previous Macworlds, 2008 was filled with anticipation, excitement, and rumors. But after everything was said and done Apple and Mr. Steve Jobs delivered again on many of our expectations. Apple announced essentially 2 new products with significant updates to their other product offerings. THE NEW PRODUCTS … Read more

How to user your Wiimote As your Mouse

I came across an application that enables the use of your Nintendo Wiimote on your Mac. DarwiinRemote can be downloaded at Its a small application that uses both the motion sensors or the IR sensors to allow you to navigate around OSX as you would with your mouse. 1. … Read more