Pest World: iPhone App Review

As we approach the spring I think it’s only fitting that I cover an App that I’ve used to help me protect my home. No, this isn’t an application that connects to a home security system or that is powerful enough to detect an intrusion into your home. The app I’m referring to is Pest World.

Pest World is an application created by the National Pest Management Association that is designed to help you as a home owner identify the various pests that you see around your home. It also includes information about what to do with those pests once they’ve arrived.

Pest Control App Review

I’m not sure about you but each and every spring, just as the weather starts to warm up, my home begins to be attacked by ants and spiders of all sizes and varieties. I use to get frustrated while at the same time wonder where these bugs were coming from, how do I get them out of my home, and what’s the best way to make sure they don’t last all summer. Now, with like so many other things, I just pull out my iPhone and open an App for the information I need.

Now, the app does include a FAQ area that is very valuable as it seems to have a list of questions you may ask yourself. They also include a guide to help you perform the steps needed to protect your home. And while the app does make it seem like all the steps are simple, it can take some time to do the work correctly. If you’re less sure about your work I recommend contacting a professional. If you’re in the DC area you may want to check out this Pest Control Northern Virginia company. I’ve worked with them and couldn’t recommend them more. They also have Raleigh Pest Control Office in North Carolina.

Through the Pest World app, and maybe a bit of help from a Pest Control professional, I’ve been able to keep my home free of Ants, Spiders, and other pests each year. I’m checking the latest updates to the App this week and getting started to stay ahead of the pests looking to make their home in my home! Leave it to the iPhone and the App Store to have a solution for everything, even Pests in a home.