Photo Sharing with Picasa Web Albums

iphoto08.jpgiPhoto is a great application for managing your digital photos. The update to the latest version of iPhoto including Events has only made the application more enticing to potential Mac users. The ability to quickly add and share photos with other applications and other users has been a strong point of iPhoto.

But if you don’t have your own .Mac account or iWeb site sharing your photo’s from iPhoto to friends and family may require a bit of outside assistance. One option to quickly share photo albums with others is through using Google’s free Picasa Web Albums.

Picasa Web Albums is available to anyone with a Google Account. Once your account has been setup, you can upload your photos and share the album urls with others.

To make this process a bit easier, Google has provided a plugin to iPhoto to make exporting photo albums that much easier. After downloading and installing Picasa Web Albums Uploader for your Mac open iPhoto, select the photos or album you’d like to share and then click File, followed by Export.

Once the export window has opened, click the Picasa Web tab. From here you can name the Album you’re uploading, write a brief description, and decide if the album is one you’d like to share with the public or keep private to just those you select to share with.

Export Photos.png

After defining the options for you soon to be shared album, click export and enter your Google Account credentials. The photos will then be uploaded to your free Google Picasa Web Album site and allow others to view and download the pictures you’ve shared.

Picasa Web Albums + iPhoto is a great way to share photos with friends and family. Additionally, Picasa Web Albums look great on the iPhone and iPod Touch.