Playing Parachute Panic HD

Since the iPad first hit the hands of Maciverse authors we’ve talked a lot about the various things it does well but haven’t completely focused on what it may do best. The iPad is, and will remain, a great gaming platform.

But, its not just the platform that makes the device great. The iPad is a great gaming application because of the developers, like FDG Entertainment, that make the games for it. Their creativity and ability to understand that with the busy day to day activities a quick game with entertaining visuals and fun music make all the difference.

iPad Game – Parachute Panic HD

Parachute Panic HD is the iPad version of FDG Entertainments popular iPhone game by the same title. It sports impressive “hand drawn” visuals that add to the overall gaming experience as you are taken from level to level helping parachuters that have jumped from a plane reach safety in a ship below.

The game allows you to use create wind bursts to direct the direction of a Parachuter, relies on you to tell jumpers when to pull their chutes, and hopes you will protect it from sharks, helicopters, thunderstorms, and aliens.

iPad Game Parachute Panic HD.png

The game quickly becomes challenging as the action on the screen increases and you find your self sacrificing a jumper or two for the overall safety of others.

The part of Parachute Panic that makes it wonderful is the sounds and music that the developers have added. Fun sounds and “good-bye forever” music fill the game and quickly stay in your head after you’ve walked away. It may be the jingles that keep me coming back for more.

Check out Parachute Panic HD for your iPad or iPhone and experience the game yourself.