Privacy On Your iPad

As the world becomes more mobile and continues to store data in the internet cloud, Privacy on devices like the iPad are very important. Apple has historically been a long standing support of privacy and keeping information private. Their Safari browser was one of the first to include a private browsing feature that enabled users to browse the web without leaving a trail of where they’ve been and what they’ve been doing.

But what about the Safari browser on the iPad. The browser is a stripped down version of the one found on Macs and PCs with a few slightly different features to make it fit the mobile platform. And while many will point out that mobile Safari lacks features like Flash, one can’t forget that it is also limited in its Private Browsing capabilities.

Clear Cookies On The iPad

Currently, there is no way to enable a private browsing session on the iPad the same way you would on your Mac or PC with Safari. However, the lack of quick “privacy” features doesn’t mean you can’t clean up your internet browsing activities.

To clear the browser cookies and other activities in Safari on your iPad:

  • Open the Settings Application on the iPad
  • Select Safari under the Settings Menu
  • Click the Clear History, Clear Cookies, and Clear Cache buttons on the right.
iPad Privacy.jpg

By following the steps above the browser cookies stored on the iPad and the other files left behind by websites will be cleaned out. This will allow you to clean up the sites visited or allow you to give back the iPad to the owner without worrying about them being able to login to your internet accounts.

Hopefully, Apple will include the Private Browsing feature in future versions of the iPad OS. It would be simple to implement, on the the New Page window, a user could press and hold for an option to “Open New Page in Privacy Mode” or something similar.

How important is Privacy on your mobile platform to you? What do you do to keep your privacy?