Protect your iPad

If you’ve recently purchased an iPad, than you’re probably very interested in keeping the device in pristine condition. You don’t want your minimum of $499 investment in the device to go to waste and have it covered in scratches.

Part of the reason most people are drawn to the iPad is because of its excellent design and stunning look. Lets face it, Apple does an excellent job of making their products look good. And like everything you spend money on, you want it to keep its “new” look and feel until the last day you own the device. To do this you need to Protect your iPad and keep it safe.

iPad Screen Protector

We’ve already mentioned that you need to carefully clean your iPad screen. Using the wrong products and materials can damage the screen and limit its usability. If you’d like to keep the screen safe from scratches and easy to clean then you may want to consider keeping it in a sleek iPad case that includes a screen protector or utilizing screen protection technology like invisible SHIELD.

The invisible SHIELD for the iPad is like a case but it lacks any distracting characteristics you may find with one. It keeps the iPad safe while letting you show off the device’s original design and look. I haven’t yet received my invisible SHIELD for the iPad but I’m convinced of how effective it is from the videos the company has put out:

It looks like me that this Screen Protector will keep my iPad safe from all sorts of metal and scratch surfaces, but can it withstand the potential damage inflicted by my four year old son? Time will tell.

Does my iPad Screen Need Protection?

There is still some debate as if the iPad screen needs protection at all. Personally, I’d rather error on the safe side. Arguments state that the glass on the screen is thick and can with stand scratches. It will be interesting to see if this holds true over time. It may be a good idea to be safe and keep the iPad protected.

I know I didn’t protect the first iPod Nano screen I purchased and I had to return it within a month because of how bad the scratches got. Of course, that particular model had some screen problems, but I wish I would have protected the screen from the start.

Have you used screen protectors on your iPhone or iPods in the past? How have they worked? Have they kept the device free from scratches? Let us know in the comments.